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There is no wine lover who hasn’t fallen under the charms of this place full of wineries, vineyards, beautiful landscapes and charming villages like Laguardia or El Ciego. Not to mention how well you eat, and how nice the people from here are. Throughout the year there are parties, dances, songs and a lot of food. So if you’re coming, there’s no excuse to try new wines.


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This beautiful place is known for the great quality of its wines, what makes the Rioja Alavesa wine a Rioja, are its wineries that are characterized by the artisanal production, the tradition of cultivation and the treatment of grapes that maintain as centuries ago to get the best wines. It’s this passion to preserve its own characteristics that makes life in its villages, its landscape and its customs be maintained over time.


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Red wines

All the wines here are spectacular, both white and red. But the specialty of this land is  red wine. This is due to the characteristics of the soil, the quality of the raw material and the climate, as the Sierra de Cantabria protects the vineyards from the cold winds of the North. All this makes it a real pleasure  to taste them.


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Laguardia looks like an island in the middle of a sea of vineyards. Visitors are always impressed by its medieval appearance. The big defensive walls that surround it and the access doors that looks taken from a movie. To get lost among its narrow streets makes you travel through time, even their houses still retain their ancient shields. Wine has marked the life and history of Laguardia so don’t forget to try it in their different bars, along the good atmosphere and the people of this town that will make you feel like one more.

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Church of Santa María de los Reyes

One of the treasures of this town is the portico of the church of Santa María de los Reyes, as it is totally intact since its construction. All visitors are shocked when they see it. In addition, from this point are the main streets: Santa Engracia, Páganos and Calle Mayor.

Viewpoint: incredible views

On the other side of the wall, passing through La Puerta de Páganos, there is a viewpoint with views that you can’t miss. From there you can see other villages from La Rioja Alavesa, such as Navaridas, Páganos and Elciego, the imposing Sierra de Cantabria and vineyards, vineyards and more vineyards. Sit on the stone railing, take a deep breath and enjoy the beautiful views offered by this viewpoint.


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Soil mining wineries

The most characteristic feature of this town is that it is totally pedestrian as it is completely perforated with underground galleries. These were excavated by citizens during the Middle Ages as a defense during wars and to escape or leave the wall, without being seen by the enemies. From the 16th century onwards, these galleries began to be used as wineries because they have the perfect conditions for wines.


It would be a crime to come to this town and not visit one of its wineries because they are recognized as the best in the region. Each winery has its own and unique charm and all of them usually make guided tours in which they show their visitors how they make the wine in a handcrafted and also offer a tasting of their best wines that you can enjoy in the same place where they are born and raised. So if you come, don’t miss it.


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Wine Thematic Centre

Speaking of wine, Villa Lucía is a Thematic Centre where you can get to know, enjoy and taste the culture of La Rioja Alavesa. During the visit you will be able to learn about the entire winemaking process, through an interactive tour with virtual tastings, games, etc. It also offers tasting courses, tastings, gastronomic gymnastics, among other things.

Protected Biotope

If you are a nature lover, near Laguardia there is a Biotope protected by its uniqueness. It is very interesting because its flora and fauna, as well as for the archaeological sites of its surroundings. The high mountains of Cantabria extend from west to east. In summer these lagoons turn into dry, smooth and white unevennesses due to the salt that appears on the surface when the water evaporates, you will never see anything like it. These lagoons are also joined by the Musco Lagoon, where you can take a walk along the path that borders it and stop in its areas to observe the birds and beautiful landscape.

What are you waiting for to have a nice little wine around here?